Buy a puppy or take a rescue?

Buy a puppy or take a rescue?

Many people buy puppies to avoid potential problems with hereditary behavior. It is now very easy to pick a puppy you like from kennels – ads appear on many websites. However, consider that you may be unknowingly buying puppies from illegal animal kennels.

When the puppies are 16-20 weeks old, they start to look and behave like dogs. It is a pity, but a good number of 6 to 12-month-old dogs end up on the street or in animal shelters. The most common excuses are that the dog becomes out of control, that he is not what the hosts expected him to be fed up with, and so on. When the “puppy” period ends, the owner must become more responsible than before. Fortunately, most dog owners know this and successfully overcome the dog’s “teenage” phase, after which the dog becomes a much-loved family member.

Not only does the puppy’s appearance change during the first year, but hereditary behavioral problems can also occur. The irony is that many people “flee” from these problems when they buy a puppy, but even when they buy it (without even knowing it) from illegal breeders, the risk of a behavior problem even increases. This is due to poorly maintained, often caged animals. Stress and other feelings are genetically transmitted to puppies. Most often, animals purchased from such breeders may exhibit aggression, anger, fear, overactivity, etc.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying a puppy from legal, neat breeders. But, if you can, consider bringing your puppy out of the animal shelter.

You need to know:

  • Most dogs in animal shelters are healthy and smart. You can also find purebreds.
  • Dogs taken from the shelter are usually sterilized or neutered.
  • Uninvited animals are put to sleep in sanitary services.

When you are determined to adopt a new pet to your family, first look at the sanitary services and animal welfare organizations. You will find an endless number of dogs that want a host like you.

What do you get from adopting a dog from an animal care organization? Year after year unconditional love and gratitude!

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